540 Folding Squat Bench

540 Folding Squat Bench 3.5 out of 5 based on 31 ratings.

All Workbench benches incorporate the Powertec linkage mechanism that allows for the bench section to pivot from the front to the rear locked position with ease for the purpose of the shoulder press exercise and to provide front stability support for all Workbench Machine Accessories.

Magnetic rowing machines, quiet in operation. Great indoor magnetic rowers for sale

York Fitness Black Edition Dumbbell Bench The York Fitness Black Edition Dumbbell Bench offers 6 strength training positions. Four incline positions, along with a flat and decline position maximise the workout variation on your dumbbell workouts.

27.5kg Legacy Dumbbell (x1) 8700i Multigym 1 X 15.0kg Premium Rubber Dumbbell 1 x 55.0kg Premium Rubber Dumbbell. These heavy-duty RAZE Premium Rubber Dumbbells are ideal for any training environment or a superb choice for heavier weight training at home. Featuring precision-machined solid steel heads and hardened chrome handles; these full commercial dumbbells are highly robust and virtually indestructible.

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A muscular and trim mid-section enhances one’s physical appearance and is the obvious sign of being physically fit. Many physical fitness instructors consider the abdominal region the centre of health.

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