Vertical Knee Raise Machine

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You can do the vertical knee raise exercise on a dip/raise machine, a pullup bar or on parallel bars. Dip/raise machines have a back support, which keeps your body from swaying, allowing you to concen.

This is "designed to provide an intense ab workout while eliminating strain on the lower back, the Vertical Knee Raise Machine is hard to beat for vacuuming the waistline". "Easy and convenient step entry makes getting started a breeze".

The vertical knee raise, often called the Captain’s Chair exercise or the hanging knee raise, is a core exercise that lets you add variety to your ab workout while also taking it to a more advanced level. You perform the knee raise while you are suspended between two parallel bars.

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leg extension weight training machine – Three units in one: Chin-Ups, Dips and Vertical Knee Raises. Angled forearm pads provide heightened stability and comfort during leg raises. Multiple chin-up handgrips accommodate wide and neutral gri.

How to Use the Vertical Knee Raise Machine – "Machine" is a bit of a misnomer, because the vertical knee raise station does not have any cables, moving parts or weights. The vertical knee raise consists of two horizontal bars — about 6 to 7 fee.

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Multifunction Power Tower Dip Station with Bench Adjustable Height for Home Gym Strength Training, Pull Up Push Up Station, Sit Up Station, Vertical Knee Raise and Chin-up Station by HARISON 408

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