Vertical Leg Press

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The vertical leg press is similar to the horizontal leg press, except your back should sit against the floor with your legs positioned straight up into the air. The body is bent midsection at a 90-degree angle, and your legs are pressed up against a plate that faces downward.

Repeat on the other side, extending your left leg and your right arm. Lie face up with your legs extended and arms extended o.

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Machines to Help Your Vertical Leap – The best way to improve your vertical leap is by performing jump-specific training.

but always using good technique to minimize your risk of injury. Leg press machines provide support so you are fr.

Vertical Leg Press Arsenal Strength. The Vertical Leg Press is the most unique leg press ever made. This is a must have in any gym for its unique design and ability to target muscle groups like never before.

The Advantages of a Vertical Leg Press Machine – There are countless exercises and machines that can be used to target your legs and hips. One machine you may not see very often is the vertical leg press machine. While it’s not as common as the angl.

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This leg-blasting work station is designed for accelerated growth of your quads, glutes and calves – PVLP156X – Powerline Vertical Leg Press

PowerLine Vertical Leg Press. The Powerline Vertical Leg Press provides an impressive platform for obtaining huge muscle gains through isolated lower body workouts. The unique vertical design not only reinforces support for your back and hips, but also minimizes space used to perform the exercises.

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Vertical leg press that effectively isolates your lower body muscles. Extra wide foot plate with no slip design. Extra-thick back pad and contoured head and neck pad.

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