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The Marcy MWM-990 is a dual functioning stand alone pec dec / rear delt fly machine. It comes with a 150 pound weight stack. It also provides dual chest press arms and a leg extension unit. You also get both high and low pulleys for a whole raft of cable exercises.

The pec deck, sometimes called the butterfly machine, is a great tool for isolating your chest or pectoral muscles, but, even though adjustable, it doesn’t fit every body comfortably. Plus, because it.

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Pec deck exercises are a kind of flies’ exercises. A person using pec deck machine facing forward with its elbow bent at right angle. While having a rep on a pec deck machine trainer sit on it facing forward, with its elbow bent at 90 degrees and arms are shoulder width apart.

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The pec deck fly primarily targets the sternal, or lower, region of the muscle, but the upper portion of the muscle does assist in the action. Pectoralis Minor: This is a thinner, flatter muscle that lies underneath the pec.

The pec fly machine and dumbbell fly exercise are the same movements performed with different types of resistance and body positions. The technique is the same for both exercises and they target the s.

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