Jungle Gym Xt Suspension Training System

Jungle Gym Xt Suspension Training System 4 out of 5 based on 34 ratings.

Product Description Jungle Gym XT – Suspension Training System. The Jungle Gym XT trains users with their own body weight and can be hooked up anywhere—on a.

The Jungle Gym XT comes with two eight foot, industrial-strength suspension straps with integrated handles that are easy to grip with either hands or feet, depending on the exercises being performed. Easily change the width of the system to target different muscle areas.

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Top 10 Best Suspension Training Kits 2018 – Resistance training.

easily go to the gym or on your next trip. A non-scuffing Lifeline Jungle Gym XT helps secure the straps to the door or other stable base without potentially causing damage. Th.

LifeLine USA Jungle Gym XT 4-JGXT Training System See more like this. Lifeline USA Split Anchor Jungle Gym XT.

4 product ratings – Jungle Exercise Bands Gym XT Split Anchor Body Weight Suspension System Training. $137.99.

4 product ratings – Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Bodyweight Suspension SYSTEM, Portable Suspension TRAINER. $93.15. Buy It.

The Jungle Gym XT offers new and enhanced features and design aesthetics to what is arguably the hottest category in fitness today! Built for punishing commercial use, the Jungle Gym XT is very different from traditional suspension bodyweight trainers on the market today.

Take your body weight suspension workouts to the next level with the Jungle Gym XT featuring the split anchor design, two non-scuff door anchors and two strap end adjusters. Lifeline’s revolutionary Jungle Gym XT lets you use your own body weight as a means.

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Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Split Anchor Body Weight Suspension System – Lightweight Resistance Training Alternative to Weights. Take your body weight suspension workouts to the next level with the Jungle.

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